8x56 mannlicher schoenauer

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RCBS Case Forming Die Set 8x56mm Mannlicher-Schoenauer from 8x57mm Mauser

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TX residents add 8. Verified Seller. View Sellers Items. This rifle features a full length walnut stock with steel buttplate, European sling swivels, a blued action with rotary magazine, double-set triggers, and a 20" barrel with full rib and express sights.

Gun is in very good original condition, receiver has been drilled for side mount. Please contact us with any questions, or for purchase options.

8x56 mannlicher schoenauer

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Posted: Sat Aug 16, pm. I recently picked up a nice Mannlicher Schoenauer carbine in 8x56M-S. Day before yesterday I got in my dies from the good folks at C-H4D and already have 25 cases formed and trimmed from 8X57 brass. What I need is some up-to-date reloading data for the gr. Any help would save me a lot of time since I plan to start out pretty low and work up, chronographing all the way and watching for any problems or pressure signs.

From my old Stoegers catalog I see that factory loads show fps with the gr. Thanks in advance! What bullet are you wanting to use on the old gal? There are very few. DKT does offer a grain bullet. Here is data for that bullet. Cartridge : 8 x 56 Mannl. L6: 3. Step Fill. Charge Vel.

8x56 mannlicher schoenauer

Energy Pmax Pmuz Prop. Near Maximum! C A U T I O N : any load listed can result in a powder charge that falls below minimum suggested loads or exceeds maximum suggested loads as presented in current handloading manuals. Understand that all of the listed powders can be unsuitable for the given combination of cartridge, bullet and gun.

Actual load order can vary, depending upon lot-to-lot powder and component variations. These powders have been skipped. Norma MRP Somchem S Alliant Reloder Elcho 17 ReloadSwiss RS 62 ReloadSwiss RS 70 Raufoss RA15 Vihtavuori N Accurate Norma URP Ramshot Hunter Hodgdon H Winchester IMR ReloadSwiss RS 52 Hodgdon Hybrid V The Mannlicher-Schoenauer rifle dates to when the 6.

Austria and Greece adopted the military rifle and the 6. Mannlicher-Schoenauer rifles and carbines were exclusively manufactured at Oesterreich Waffenfabrik Gesellschaft Steyr in Steyr, Austria. Within a very short time the 6. This was no doubt due as much to the excellence of the Mannlicher-Schoenauer rifles in which it was chambered as to the low recoil, excellent accuracy and adequate killing power of the 6.

Like the. Although M-S rifles and carbines were chambered for many other calibers, including such popular numbers as the.

The Model was the first of the famous M-S Rifles and Carbines and it established the basic design of all the models that were to follow. Rifles were supplied with half stocks and There was also a take-down version of the rifle. The Carbine had a full length walnut stock with a graceful semi pistol grip and a short All models came with a flat "butter knife" bolt handle that was located well forward of the trigger guard. This was due to the design of the short stroke action, which had a split rear receiver ring through which the bolt handle passed as it was drawn back.

Cartridges were fed from a Schoenauer spool magazine hence the name Mannlicher-Schoenauer. All screws were indexed, and this was done throughout the entire prodiction life of M-S rifles and carbines. The buyer had the option of a double set trigger or a single trigger. The double set trigger was the more popular option. The split rear receiver ring was to cause trouble later, when the use of telescopic sights became widespread, as it prevented the use of conventional scope mounts on top of the receiver.

Scoped M-S Rifles and Carbines are usually fitted with side mounts. The Carbine was manufactured only in 6. In the M-S action was lengthened to allow the use of longer cartridges and in the M-S High Velocity Rifle appeared in calibers other than 6. The style of the bolt release lever was also changed at this time from the early round button to a flatter shape.

There was a gap in the production of Mannlicher-Schoenauer sporting rifles extending from the late 's to Mannlicher-Schoenauers and their proprietary cartridges have lived in a world of song and story for over years, and they are still going strong in as can be discerned by the advent of the. Traditional interest remains high concerning the 6. So, what is the mystique of the Mannlicher that keeps these year old firearms in the sporting interest?

A writer can launch himself into page upon page of superlatives, legends, old hunting tales, personalities, and notorieties, such as Bell, Taylor, Stigand, and Sheldon, but, the mission of describing the mystique of the Mannlicher remains elusive, for there will always be one more incident, one more person, or one more characteristic to describe and discuss. After all, with years to develop an intense following from a world often populated with intense and energetic people, the chance for a specific firearm to gain a famous and peculiar niche in history is only natural.

This commentary is not intended to be a historical account of the Mannlicher-Schoenauer M-S and Steyr-Mannlicher S-M cartridges, but rather a listing of the cartridges chambered for these rifles and a description of the assorted models for information purposes, nor does this writer profess to describe every variation of these Steyr rifles and carbines, as the factory continually produced uncatalogued limited production runs for special customers.

Various models of commercial Mannlicher-Schoenauer rifles and carbines were officially manufactured at the Steyr factory in Austria from towith clean up production adding approximately two years and of additional production to the noted manufacture dates. It may be argued that the origination dates should be extended into the early s, as far as cartridges go, for the 6. However, these earlier rifles did not utilize the rotary magazine for which the Mannlicher-Schoenauer and Steyr-Mannlicher firearms are famous.

The pure Mannlicher-Schoenauer proprietary cartridges as chambered in the firearms of the SteyrWerke are as follows, 1 6. Other cartridges that are reputed to be Mannlicher, such as the 9. The 9. The total listing of known chamberings for M-S and S-M is given in Table 1with an additional list of chamberings for the pre-M-S style firearms of s vintage. Please note that this listing may not be all inclusive, as new chamberings for all models continue to appear, some catalogued and some uncatalogued.

Now to examine the Mannlicher-Schoenauers and their cartridges. The original 6. The 6. On the other side of the coin, the 6. Of course, a large part of this success was also related to the changes in firearms, marksmanship, and hunting styles as well.

8x56 Mannlicher to 8x57 Mauser???

The changeover from big bore black powder arms, to the modern small bore power house rounds like the. The main feature of the Mannlicher was that the users of the Mannlicher had to be excellent marksmen to achieve the goals they wanted.

The professionals, and indeed, these men were professional, did achieve their goals with the 6. Going past the 6. The 8x56mm made a very successful image of itself in what a North American hunter would describe as a woods rifle, a bolt action. The M rifle in 9x56mm is another case. A rifle designed for heavier European game, although its use was just too insular to become a world class player.

Instead, the 9x56mm seems to have been a popular Austrian item, with little service outside of that zone. It is also known in England as the. Somehow this M Mannlicher-Schoenauer became a de rigor firearm in a proper African safari suite of weapons.Remember Me? Results 1 to 16 of Thread: Forming 8x56 Mannlicher Schoenauer. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Forming 8x56 Mannlicher Schoenauer Picking up a Mannlicher Schoenaur model in 8x56 MS caliber tomorrow and it comes with dies but no brass.

What case is best to start with and what have you had the best success with as far as method. Some info on web has mentioned the dimension just in front of rim is smaller at. Have brass but could get 8mm and expand to 35 cal. Thanks for your help. Really want to shoot this classic old gun. Comes with German 4x in claw scope mounts.

Resize, trim and anneal. Omit the expander for the first pass through the resizing die. You will not need to expand to Rough trim with a tubing cutter. After trimming, reinstall the expander and make a final pass through the resizer die. The info on the web about a. Yes, it comes down to the chamber size. The MS case may be a little smaller in head diameter than either the. A friend was able to load for his 9x56 Mannlicher-Schoenauer with dies alone. If not, just size until the solid web prevents further sizing, even when considerable force is applied on a powerful press.

All sorts of methods up to engineer's lathe are available, but you could do it by hand with fine files or abrasive paper glued to wood. Drills, which are never perfectly balanced, vibrate and bounce, and are liable to turn it oval. The necks may have to be reamed or turned, but that is hard to predict.

It may depend on how much of the thickening due to reducing the diameter is turned into lengthening instead.

The measurements in my Load from a Disk computer programme, which may or may not be typical, are: 8x56 MS Head. Neck thickness 0.

WWI Steyr M95 Sniper Carbine

Thickness at a datum just behind the 1. Thickness at a datum just in front of the solid web 0. It looks as if both would be possible, but the would be easier and less likely to require load adjustment for reduced capacity. Thanks for the info.The rifle action was a derivative of earlier Mannlicher military rifles, and it famously used a series of proprietary cartridges, most notably the 6. Each rotary spool magazine was spring detachable from the action for cleaning.

Krag-Jorgensen, means that it is the only bolt-action I am aware that it is capable of closing and locking an open bolt into battery by simply tilting the rifle toward the ground while keeping the trigger pulled. The Greeks were the first and only military to adopt the M-S rifle as standard issue in After WWI, the factory built mostly hunting rifles, and none are more renowned than the There were various sub-variants with minor changes in,andbut none of the varied from the original design characteristics, mostly by cosmetic or dimensional changes to the wood stocking.

It is said that the vast majority of his over 1,! My own M was chambered in the then-new. It featured the then usual double-set trigger system found on most of the Carbines, whereby the rear trigger was used to set the front trigger to a pull weight of about 1.

The major demerit of the M-S rifle or Carbine is the split-bridge action, making scope mounting both more difficult and higher in placement for clearance of the bolt handle. The M rifles and carbines featured a Monte-Carlo comb and cheek rest design, along with the near obligatory era black plastic grip cap and fore-end tip with white plastic spacers, to help afford a proper cheek weld for accuracy consistency but made them ungainly compared to the former sleek shape of its forebears.

The only time this Carbine took big game in my hands was long ago on Santa Cruz Island off Oxnard, California, in the days before Bill Clinton via the Nature Conservancy made it into a National Wildlife Refuge, and nearly all the wild boars placed there as a food source by the Spanish in the s were exterminated as a non-indigenous species.

A running shot on a smaller sow at 75 yards with the set trigger and a Leupold Alaskan 3-power scope with one shot was all that was needed, just behind the right shoulder. A number of good dinners ensued. Some rather nice claw mounts proper to the period can be found at newenglandcustomgun.

I had one inset triggers and rifle bbl. Still miss it It was a The first one of these that I shot was when I was a kid about 13…it was chambered for a huge, finger-sized cartridge in 9mm something.


I was booted back into my 12th year…3 times. My shoulder was so bruised…and then I was able to procure a 6. That rifle was followed by a in. Deadly on whitetails. I loved this article…. The M is 9. These are beautiful weapons. SK, I have that CZ in 6. It shoots well, is more than fairly accurate, low recoil, and looks great. Friend of mine, rather an older gentleman, has a Ruger M 77 stainless in 6. He has mounted a fixed 4x by 32 scope. Full weight with five rounds is about 7.

It was he who introduced me to the merits of that chambering. As far back as I can remember I always drooled over the mannlicher-schoenauer.

Probably the eye candy to me was that full length stock. My dad used to hand carve stocks thus my appreciation for firearms wearing wood.

Another firearm that was way above my paygrade at the time I saw it was a Drielling not sure about spelling. Despite the bolt handle being so far forward, I always thought the butter knife pattern looked eloquent.

Probably not an issue for the casual hunter but not great for sustained shooting at the range. Still, a very pretty gun minus the awkwardly mounted scope. As smooth as those actions were -are I have to wonder if their brass was slightly over size so that they were having to cam them into the chamber.It was the main rifle of the Hellenic Army during the first half of the 20th century. Post war use was for civilian use, such as hunting and target practice. In the late 19th century, the classic Mannlicher designs for the Austro-Hungarian army were based on the en-bloc magazinea straight-pull bolt mechanism and were designed for obsolete large caliber cartridges.

Following the introduction of smokeless powder in the Lebel rifle at the end of the century, the Steyr factory worked on new Mannlicher designs, using more effective modern cartridges. These were offered for the consideration of the Austro-Hungarian Army, for export to other armies and for the civilian market.

At first sight many confuse it with a Mauser rifle, due to the similar bolt and handguards. The original design, introduced at the World Fair as the Modelallowed the development of either service or sport versions depending on market response.

While small sporting concerns, such as William Evans of London, purchased actions for their rifles, only the Greek Army expressed interest in the design for military use.

Their specifications may have dictated some of the rifle's characteristics. Both types were termed Model The weight was around 3.

8x56 mannlicher schoenauer

The 6. The rotary magazine contributed to the smooth feeding and high rate of fire without jamming. The rifle was manufactured to a high standard and was made with tight tolerances, raising costs but improving reliability and durability. The unusual design and calibre, the high quality, high cost, and the fact that no major power adopted it, contributed to the results.

Other foreign Mannlicher clients opted instead for versions of the issue rifle of Austria-Hungary, the Mor simpler turn-bolt rifles like the M and the Dutch M This contract was part of a major modernisation plan; until then the Greeks were using single-shot, black powder Gras rifles.

Most of the Greek Gras were made by the Steyr factory and that might partly explain how Mannlicher advertised their new design. Greece was almost continuously in state of war between the years — and — The version history of this rifle is rather confusing. It appears that the Greeks issued four main contracts. The original Steyr-made Y "Y" stands for model in Greekstarted being supplied in —07 to a total of aboutlong rifles and carbines.

This was the main weapon during the victorious Balkan Wars of — These rifles were used for the first time in World War I. When the war broke out, the Austrians stopped the delivery of the rifles, as Greece chose to be neutral for the first three years. This Italian factory might have used Austrian captured parts and machinery, or more likely, might have just mediated on behalf of the Steyr factory, due to treaty restrictions with the Austrian weapons manufacturer.

These rifles saw extensive use against the Italians and Germans in World War II and many passed to the resistance fighters and thence to the combatants of the Greek Civil War that followed. However, due to expediency other countries made limited use of them too.

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