Bullied reader x peter parker

Originally posted by teamunderoos. But I found this request really interesting. Hope you guys enjoy! You thumped your feet loudly down the stairs, knowing that that would piss off your brother.

You hopped off the last three steps, crashing noisily on your feet. You huffed, crossing your arms. Meaning, making Peter write most of your essay for you. But as you skidded into the kitchen, there was no sign of your brown-haired sibling. Instead, you were greeted by the sight of your Aunt May on the worn-out couch, chatting and sitting next to somebody. Aunt May appeared to be overjoyed, smiling from ear-to-ear, and offering the guest some more fruitcake.

Palming it off as May inviting another one of her friends around for tea, you padded into the kitchen, pulling out an apple from the fridge. You took a bite out of it, leaning against the counter. You turned around, still half-way crunching into your apple. Unfortunately, you spat it right out again when you saw who your Aunt was talking to on the couch. But you probably already knew that. You wiped away the bits of apple that had flown from your mouth, instantly recovering from your moment of shock.

What are you doing here? Did win the lottery? You narrowed your eyes, frowning. And Peter told you everything, whether he wanted to or not. After all, twins tell each other everything.

Tony cheshire-cat grinned at you, nodding approvingly. Or fraternal twins.In which ; The reader is bullied for having an afro, among other things, and Peter comforts her. A request for soft-parker! Her hair is beautiful, and so is she. Below is NSFW prompts. This is new. Do I really have that much of an effect on you? You turned from your side, awaking from your light sleep and saw Peter, your newly acquired boyfriend, by your side.

Goodness no, why are you here? And, how? You nodded, unable to argue, and held your arms out. He carefully picked you up bridal style, leaving your blankets on the bed. He only kissed your forehead in response, covered your eyes with his hand, took you out of your bedroom, and onto your couch that was in the form of a pull out bed. Taking his hands off your eyes, he gently rested you on your couch, on top of a warm blanket.

Peter then placed a pillow behind your head, and kissed your forehead once tucking you in. Out of the dryer?! Rest your head, I know you feel terrible. Once he returned from the kitchen, he brought out a plastic bag, with a flat tray in his other hand. His backpack was strapped on his back and he hurriedly rushed to your couch.

Peter placed the tray between where you sat on the bed, and placed two tubs of broccoli cheddar soup and two raspberry Snapple bottles on the tray, as well as a cookie for only you. Here, open wide.

You clutched to his chest, sitting on his lap and wrapping your arms around his neck, half asleep as he gave you everything you needed. He took out his Midtown Sweatshirt, and one of his favorite beanies. You quickly took off your loose T-Shirt, and tossed it under one of the many pillows that laid next to the two of us.

Alright then, come here. Laughter filled the room, and for a second, you began to cough.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on!

Remember Me.

bullied reader x peter parker

Yet Gwen Stacyhowever, is. Full prompt in end notes. Flash chokes Peter out. Luckily he has a pretty perceptive bodyguard and a loving adoptive father. Did he mention that said adoptive father is Tony Stark? Peter's having issues at school, and they're getting to the point where it begins to impact his behavior, anxiety and self-consciousness.

bullied reader x peter parker

Tony's patient, up till Happy get's involved, and then for once, a bad guy's terrible plan actually helps someone. Note: this fic is on hiatus for the time being due to personal reasons. I will try to re-open it as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding. When Peter goes with his class on their first of a series of field trips to Stark Tower to prepare for the Stark Expo everyone gets a big surprise about the family of their favourite punching bag.

In each visit afterwards they find out more and more about Peter's life, and become more and more disinclined to mess with him. Peter is 19 This is adult, legal, and consenting Don't come at me, I will fight your ass. In wich Peter gets beat up by some school bullies and next thing he knows his suit it's flying him to the avengers compound.

Peter Parker's an outcast, sure. Yet when he gets a chance to finally, finally fit in, it's not like he'll turn it down. He felt dead, empty, and tired. Tony took the suit and everyone he cares about is lying to him.Tell me what you think!

Walking through the overcrowded hallway, I felt myself being to tired to move and bumped against several people. Not that I cared. I did care about my grades and my career and all- but the people in school? I mean, I was quite popular in school and I talked to a lot of students over the day.

Body contact, too. It was Peter Parker, the nobody of our school. No one seemed to notice him apart from me. His gorgeous face with the sweet hazel eyes and the fluffy auburn hair… Yes, he was my secret crush that nobody knew about and nobody ever would. I kept my little secret a long time, talking to him occasionally or having school projects together which lead to me falling in love with him. I loved how kind he was and he always had something interesting to ramble about.

Nothing caught my attention while walking through the hall way, apart from him. I saw him standing at his locker, opening it to put a book inside. I jumped when Flash and his friends appeared out of nowhere and pushed Peter against his locker after he had closed it. And Peter only stood there, head down, shoulders stiff while Flash threw several mean words at him.

I unconsciously made eye contact with Peter who seemed to be internally screaming. And while I was glued to the spot, not able to speak or think, Flash continued bullying him. Flash laughed triumphantly and suddenly I felt the strong urge to prove a point. In the corner of my eye I saw Flash looking at me as confused as Peter and I smiled to myself.

And then I laid my hands on his shoulders and leaned in quickly, pressing my lips on his. Ignoring the electricity coming from him and the urge to kiss him forever, I pulled back after a few seconds of giving in.

But what were you thinking? It seemed like she thinks something is wrong with me just because I kissed my crush. Okay, secrete crush.

Later that day I sat down at a bench outside, my eyes roaming over the campus. I enjoyed being alone at lunch. Not because of my friends! I simply enjoyed the time to think without talking slash gossiping. But still, I was proud of myself: Helping someone by proving his bully wrong.

Peter Parker x listener, chapter 1 (fanfiction) #spiderman #fanfiction

Somehow it made me feel strong. Thinking of the devil… Peter suddenly stood next to me, a nervous grin on his face. He let out a relieved sigh as he sat down, letting his bag fall on to the ground. Oh, how soft those lips had felt on mine…. I start smiling as soon as you smile at me. Peter shook his head, causing his brown strands to dance on his fore head. I loved kissing you. He was able to place his fore arms on the table to support his weight before our eyes closed and our lips met.

He hummed softly when I started moving my lips and my grib on his collar loosened since I had him where I wanted. My cheeks blushed due to all to blood that my heart pumped through my veins and I felt the excitement rushing through my whole body.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

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Remember Me. Peter Parker is kidnapped at the hands of an unknown foe, and Pepper turns to a well-known mercenary for help in desperation. Will she regret her decision of getting his help? He and Aunt May moved with Tony to the cabin.

Five years of bonding later and Peter is one of the family. After the events of Endgame, Peter fell into a deep depression after Tony's death and hung up the suit. Mysterio has become quickly famous after successfully making the world believe he is a hero. Also, there is a red-and-black suited maniac mercenary who exists in this universe. It would be too complicated to try and fit his story into the MCU as a whole, so I'm just gonna say he and every other character from his movies that I like exist in this universe.

Any Mutants are just victims of a mysterious Weapon X genetics engineer program that some unknown mercenary exploded, freeing the inhabitants along with himself. They try and lie low, not wanting to draw attention from the Avengers or deal with the Sokovia Accords. When we left off Kyra and her brother Harley had just been sent to another universe. Now we find out where they are, why they are there and also what did Kyra do while under Loki and Mysterio's control? A collection of ficlets, drabbles, memes, ect.

Peter Parker is just a normal teenager with a dark past and a bright future it's just a shame he's in the closet. It's just a shame he's in love with a boy. It's just a shame that his bubble is about to burst, whether he likes it or not. Si tienen curiosidad, lean esta historia y descubranlo. Wade has been waiting a long time to meet his soulmate. Peter hasn't been waiting as long, but he's still eager.

If you could put on a show, if you could draw a crowd, Tony wanted you in his show. When Tony gets wind of a mutant in the town they're performing in, he pays them a visit.


Tony levers Wade with an offer: come join them at his circus and leave the ostracized life behind. Wade isn't disillusioned to the reality they live in, and no amount of singing or dancing is going to change that. But when he sees the blushing trapeze artist named Peter, he finds that maybe he could be persuaded to attempt a new outlook on life.Originally posted by spiderholland.

Then they end up dating or something. Also sorry for the wait, been a hell of a lot busier than I imagined. Peter watched the clock with a burning intensity, willing the second hand to make its rotations faster.

Exhaustion had taken over him, his nightly activities preventing him from being the perfect student and even more so, the functioning human being he could be.

He counted the minutes that went by. The bell would ring any second now. He would leave. He would be the person he never could be within these four walls. But as luck would have it, Mr. Fillmore had other plans. Then the scraping of chairs, and the shuffling of feet and a chorus of voices. Peter sighed, before shoving his belongings into his book bag before unceremoniously throwing it over his shoulder and making his way to the front of the low lit classroom.

Is there something you want to tell me Peter? Or perhaps a counselor? You can still do that Peter, you just need to put in the work. And maybe a little help. Your classmate? Spoken to her once or twice.

You can meet tomorrow for your first session. Peter nodded, his stomach fluttering at the mere thought of being alone with you for an extended period of time. You were confused. You tried not to think too much of it and continued typing up your essay. Peter checked his watched. Now or never. You and Peter had been meeting three times a week for two months and needless to say, his grade has improved and the two of you had gotten rather close.

The two of you were currently wandering the streets of New York, Peter had offered to walk you home.

bullied reader x peter parker

Or how painfully aware you were of his closeness. He was clumsier than usual around you, stuttering and blushing in your presence. You thought you might implode, if you kept hiding your feelings.

You summoned all of your courage, ignoring the fact that Peter might not even like you that way. You had rounded the corner to your street. You stopped abruptly infront of him. Peter felt lucky as hell, to say the least. Be my date?

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

You flashed him another smile before closing the door.Originally posted by tomhollanddaily. But the bullying. It hurt you, mentally and physically. And by it, I mean Mike Perry. Resident bad boy, and fucking huge bully. Then it grew into tripping you up, calling you names and physically hurting you.

You were scared to say anything - He was smart enough to keep it off school grounds and only do it when you were walking home alone. Or so you thought. You were beginning to see him as more than your best friend, but would it ever happen? I left early to grab some stuff for a science project. You turned on your heel and made your way out the building, smiling to yourself. He was such a dork. You hopped down the stairs and pushed open the door to your building, walking out into the crisp morning air of Queens, New York.

You pulled your beanie further over your head, as the cold air hit your skin. The orange leaves decorated the grey paths like they were purposefully put there, making the busy street look like something off a postcard. Several people passed you on bikes, followed by people on their early morning runs. You made your way down the road, the leaves crunching under your boots. You turned left into the second street, your eyes landing on Peter down the path.

Get off me! Tall, blonde hair, hazel eyes. Standing over you, breathing heavily like an angry bull. Within seconds, Peter had kicked him right in crotch, pulling him backwards into a headlock.

You watched - with a mixture of impression and shock - as he let him go for a second and socked him once in the jaw, once on the noise and once in the eye. Mike scrambled up from the ground, looking in horror between you and Peter.

bullied reader x peter parker

He gave you one last exasperated look and ran off, holding his nose as blood began to pour from it. What was that? I mean, thank you, so, so much. But how? When did that happen? Last time I knew, you could barely open your locker when it got stuck. You raised your fist, about to knock on his door when you saw a note on the front.

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