Funny idioms in hindi

Hinglish: Indian English lost-in-translations abroad — Idioms and phrases from India. Enjoying to the maximum! There is absolutely nothing wrong with this conversation as long as both parties are on the same page.

The exchange above is perfectly understandable between two Indians in certain Indian regions. English in India is spoken very differently as compared to the same language overseas. Our Indian mother-language and the grammar has significant impact on English — taught as a second or third language throughout the country.

Sometime, the Indian English — due to the influence of Hindi and other local languages — is also called Hinglish. There is no harm, no foul if both sides understand it.

That is where we run into trouble, some miscommunication to say the least. Here are some of the common idioms and phrases, and their closest or alternatives usage in proper English when outside India:.

What is your good name? Eve teasing: It refer to sexual harassment of females, or taunting them — as in schools or colleges or in bazaars etc. Time-pass: Relates to doing something trivial or of little importance — something that does not matter. Himalayan blunder: Very big mistake, a mistake of the size of Himalaya mountain. First-class: It means high-quality material and is used very broadly.

There is no equivalent translation. Addressing by the first name, with a polite tone of voice is a better ways to show casual politeness. Now, not everybody abroad knows much about this term, not even ABCDs; and, it is often used with derogatory tone. So, refrain from it. FOB or Fresh off the boat : New immigrant, who is not assimilated or adapted to the local culture abroad. More commonly used by local ABCD desis to refer to new-comers.

Not the best way to welcome one of your own! It has nothing to do with ring — the engagement ring, or friendship ring, or the wedding ring…. Tell me!Your account is not active. We have sent an email to the address you provided with an activation link.

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After moving there, she also took up teaching the English language to locals and soon faced an interesting problem — translating the common English sayings and funny idioms, staying true to their meaning and wordplay. Just to be clear, an idiom is an expression made up from words in such a way, that understanding them literally has no particular meaning. We understand what they mean, because of their popular use. Scroll down to see our pick of funny English idioms illustrated below!

Funny English Idioms And Their Meanings

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Bored Panda works better on our iPhone app. Please enter email address We will not spam you.The idioms we use to express ourselves can sometimes seem out of left field. Sometimes the only reason we understand idioms in English is because…well, we just know them! Every language has them. Here are 18 unusual idioms from around the world. You might be wondering exactly what the orifices in question are, so just to clear things up: eyes, ears, nostrils and mouth.

This feline fixation holds for English too—let the cat out of the bag, curiosity killed the cat, etc. Apparently people figured out long before the Internet that cats just make everything better. You mean, just when science has finally proven that cow-tipping is mathematically impossiblenow we have to deal with cow inflation?!

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funny idioms in hindi

Idioms are pretty much the best thing since sliced bread. About FluentU FluentU brings language learning to life with real-world videos. Try FluentU for Free.My mother tongue Hindi invokes the nature, tastes, colors and characteristics of food with great wit and insight in these idioms. Literal translation: To earn the price not only of mangoes but also their pits.

Used when you make a killing with a deal or decision, profiting on even the valueless peripherals. Literal translation: Fallen from the sky, stuck on a date palm.

Used when you get over one hurdle and bump into another. Much like "from the frying pan into the fire". Literal translation: To know the price of flour and pulses. To come to learn the realities of living. Often used to poke fun at one who steps out of a sheltered, ignorant life into the struggles of the real world.

Literal translation: What would a monkey know of the taste of ginger? Literal translation: Black particles in dal. Before dal is cooked, the lentils are sifted to remove the impostors — tiny stones, dust etc.

10 English Idioms for daily use in conversations with translation In Hindi with example sentences

Store-bought dal in Indian cities has eliminated this step but the idiom is very much in currency. Literal translation: Dal when cooked did not disintegrate. When making dalthe lentils need to be boiled for a long time before they become fit for consumption assuming no pressure cooker is involved, as was undoubtedly the case centuries ago in the kitchen of the person who coined this phrase. So if you use the line "bandar kya jaane adrak ka swad" on your critic yet he remains unfazed — your arrow missed its mark, despite your try.

Dal nahin gali. Literal translation: Milk with milk, water with water. In life, as with soluble fluids like milk and water, facts get muddled with half-truths and lies. But unlike soluble fluids, fact and fiction can be separated under a perceptive lens. When that happens, we have a "doodh ka doodh, paani ka paani" moment — the attainment of clarity, the emergence of truth.

Literal translation: Washed in milk. Whatever is "doodh ka dhula" is supposed to have no evils, however the idiom is seldom used as a compliment. Literal translation: To pour away rivers of milk. Literal translation: One pomegranatea hundred ill.

Used when there are too many contenders for an object, such that a fair division seems impossible. Literal translation: A chicken at home seems no better than dal pulses. On the lines of "the grass is greener on the other side". Used when someone undervalues his own possessions. The assumption is that chicken is a more coveted meal than dal. Indian vegetarians have thus far lodged no protests and use the idiom as much as their meat-eating brethren.There are several Hindi idioms plural.

funny idioms in hindi

Some idioms are used more often than the others and can be very important for every Hindi learner. I have compiled these Hindi idioms in a list along with their usage, transliteration and translation in English. I used to wonder the meaning of this idioms in my childhood days and it was always funny to tell my mother that I am feeling hungry this way!

Mother told her that only she is the most beloved to her. When their son got the Nobel peace prize, they were so happy that they distributed the sweets to all neighbors. After getting to know that Shyam has failed the examination, he was disappointed. The two political party has agreed to form a coalition to form a bigger party.

प्रसिद्ध हिंदी मुहावरे - भाग 1 | Famous Hindi Idioms, Phrases And Proverbs-Part 1

Today, I saw a man who just got away close from a fatal accident. Ranjit saved two family in the earthquake by without fear of his own life. Mother, what have you cooked today? I am feeling very hungry! Only after clearing all examinations, he could feel free from his fear of failure in examination. As soon as he saw the good food, he was so tempted for it. Currently, he is working in the Research and Development in Robotics in Germany. He is avid language learner with varied level of proficiency in English, German, Spanish, and Japanese.

He wish to learn French one day. His passion for languages motivated him to share his mother tongue, Hindi, and culture and traditions associated with its speakers. He has been working with Transparent Language since and has written over blogs on various topics on Hindi language and India, its culture and traditions.

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What is it even doing in the room and how did it get there?

Top 100 Brilliant Idioms And Phrases With Hindi Meaning

When someone pulls wool over your eyes, what should you do? And why does a fat chance and a slim chance mean the same thing? Some are funny enough to make you chuckle while some are just downright bizarre!

There are plenty of themes that appear in English idioms. Some of the most common include animals a sacred cow and a cold turkey, for examplethings you find around the house a wet blanket, a pot that calls a kettle blackfood a pie in the sky and a holey Swiss cheeseand body parts neck and neck and the neck of the woods. Can you imagine the damp, goosebumpy skin of a cold turkey? It has something to do with the dark meaning behind this expression.

When you abruptly quit an addiction such as drugs or alcohol, users report feeling that awful situation that I described. Thus the expression cold turkey. It simply means you need to stay put or slow down. There have been many usage since then, literal at first but which later on evolved into a figurative usage.

Awkward, right? I mean, where would you even start? The fable was called The Inquisitive Man which has been referenced later on by famous writers such as Dostoevsky, among others.

Now the expression is being used to refer to a huge problem that everyone refuses to talk about. When you get or steal a goat owned by somebody else, of course that person would get mad. But the origin of this idiom is far more interesting than that. This expression actually comes from horse-racing where goats are used to have a calming effect on thoroughbred horses. To calm down an easily upset horse, its owner would place a goat in its stall the night before the race.

But some opponents would cheat by stealing the goat to agitate the horse and make it lose the race! Sounds downright unscrupulous, right? It seems to be playing on repeat in your head like a pesky background music to all your thoughts.

There are plenty of origin stories behind this idiom--from little ducklings following their mother in a tidy little line, to bowling pins, metal ducks in a shooting arcade, and so many other possible sources. The cutest and the earliest usage seems to come from the first one: little ducklings sorted in a straight line behind their mother. Meaning: Get everything organized, straightened up and accounted for before embarking on an activity or project.

Are beavers really eager animals? Not necessarily. But this phrase came to be simply because of the rhyme. Meaning: An overly enthusiastic person; someone who is overzealous and excited about doing a job. Now that paints a bizarre picture alright. Morbid, I know. How does a tail wag the dog? Meaning: A situation wherein a smaller or less important group appears to control a larger or more important person or organization.

Example 1: Ever since Adrian headed the new team, the management seems to be doing everything to please them.We care of your needs. E-MAIL : angrejimasterji gmail. Blog About Contact Disclaimer. Angreji Masterji March 22, - words meanings. Ever since their father's death this property has been an apple of discord between the two brothers. While digging in the field other day I found an old coin Correspoding to the one shown in this picture. He invested quite a lot of money in paper business but it proved to be a dead loss.

Hindi to English Idioms / Maxims / Sayings Translation Glossary

He showed a lot of dutch courage, but got frightened as the drink wore off. If this new clerk continues with his criticism like this he will soon fall foul of the manager. The other day Karan made a fool of Rakesh. And now Karan wants to get even with him. I was quite for from the stage and couldn't get hold of what the speaker was saying. Ramesh has been badly injured in the train accident and he is still hanging by a thread.

As long as Mr. Narayan was there as the manager the staff had an easy time of it, but now things have changed. Beware of your health breaking down under the strain of overwork, I think you have too many irons in the fire.

The boys went in a body to the headmaster to request him to declare a holiday on account of their winning a cricket match. You are being critical but in my opinion Rajesh's appointment to this post is just the thing. While in Mumbai I will call on a friend and also do some shopping. Thus, I will kill two birds with one stone. He stood by me as long as all was well, but left me in the lurch the moment he sensed danger. This job will not take you More than a few minutes.

funny idioms in hindi

So don't make a mountain of a molehill. No sooner did we run out of the burning house than it collapased. It was indeed a narrow escape. Arvind, once a great favourite of our boss, now seems to be out of favour with him.

funny idioms in hindi

When the ship sank everybody drowned except Kiran who managed to escape with the skin of his teeth. Most of the people you are associating with them these days are just fair weather friends.

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